White Swan

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Assemble the scrambled picture of a gorgeous white swan by arranging the pieces of the picture in order.

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2 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    Do you believe it’s okay to get people excited to play a game and choose your site to do so and instead of a decent response, you antagonize and be extremely rude directed at iPhone users? I have an android phone as well but instead of realizing I can still play on that device and therefore going ahead and doing so, you’ve lost any chance of a new user. All over a rude comment How many others have you done the same to? It’s a game which is supposed to make people happy. Ur instead all you’ve done is put me in an irritable mood. Thanks

    • IQpied says:

      We apologize in the name of the editor with a bad taste of humor. The default message for iPhone users is now changed accordingly. Thank You for bringing our attention to this issue.

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